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Introducing great providers to opportunities in great communities

  • Find fully-vetted and verified jobs and providers
  • Get results that align the goals of providers, healthcare facilities and communities
  • Work with experienced industry leaders who understand healthcare

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Blackwell Healthcare Recruiting

Our communities face critical shortages in providers that affect the quality of care they receive. Providers are overwhelmed with job opportunities in communities around the country.

How do communities and providers find the perfect match?

With a decade of experience in hospital administration, Blackwell's President, Nadene J. Bradburn FACHE, listens and understands the facility's complex web of stakeholders

Deep and personal patient experience along the continuum gives her great insight to patient needs and the impact of  success to care on community health status.

And 15 years of practice management, medical staff relations and teaching residents has made her a trusted counselor in helping providers define and achieve their practice goals.

This values-based approach to healthcare staffing has built strong connections that have resulted in elevated community health status, increased provider satisfaction and stronger hospitals and physician practices.


Provider Credentials Checklist

Healthcare facilities need providers

Your community needs to truly a high-quality provider

Only a partner with solid healthcare operations experience can truly understand your practice's goals, then use that understanding to find the right provider.


WHY Blackwell?

Finds the shared goals between providers, practices and communities

Cultivating relationships with outstanding practices and providers

Over 150 successful matches

Industry experience and 15 years of progressive leadership


Proven CV Template

Providers have infinite opportunities

Which are "too good to be true?"

Some recruiters will send your CV to any practice with an opening, without regard for your goals. We represented only fully-vetted and verified positions with clients with whom we've had relationships for years.



Physician Contract Negotiation Checklist

Only the right match will succeed

No "warm bodies" or sub-par opportunities

Blackwell Healthcare Recruiting will only introduce providers and practices if there is true alignment of goals and vision.




"Ms. Bradburn is that rare individual that can combine altruism and reality to effectuate positive results."   Jerry Overton, Chairman at International Academies of Emergency Dispatch

She was readily accessible, professional and knowledgeable. The communication, follow-through and timeliness were outstanding. I have strongly recommended her services to some of my closest colleagues and friends.Camelia A. Lawrence, MD, FACS, Associate Clinical Instructor, SUNY Upstate Medical Center, UHS Breast Center

"When Nadene puts her mind to a task, she accomplishes her goal. She is detail oriented, experienced and persuasive.  Kolette Kresses Piasecki, Esq.

"Nadene was a model of intellect and professionalism - the kind of person I could readily trust with mission critical responsibilities, because I knew she would always come through."  Andy Garman, CEO at National Center or Healthcare Leadership

"Nadene is one of the best in the business and provides strong leadership to her organization."  Richard Newmark, American Telehealth Network, Inc.