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5 Most Important Questions to ask During a Physician Interview

Posted by Nadene Bradburn on Tue, Jan 27, 2015



Before I became a full-time physician recruiter in 20

12, I was in hospital management for 12 years as a medical group director, Hospitalist program manager and Medical Staff Development/Physician Services Director, a role in which I was responsible for over 60+ hospitals and practices across 7 counties in Central New York.  I've interviewed, made offers to, negotiated with and hired over 100 employed and private practice physicians in my career.  Most of those have been fantastic, long-term relationships where the providers and my organization have had shared goals and values, where we had established real trust. 

My personal style is very candid and tactfully direct.  Nothing makes someone more untrustworthy than discovering the real or complete story surreptitiously, especially when that story puts a very different spin on things you had previously agreed upon.  So, in my experience, it's better to get honest motivations out on the table sooner rather than later.

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Truth about the bias against hiring, a-hem, EXPERIENCED Physicians

Posted by Nadene Bradburn on Sun, Jul 13, 2014

Age and the "Ideal" Physician

I get frustrated when my clients tell me that they are looking exclusively for physicians under the age of 50.  First of all, because that is a much smaller pool of practicing docs and it makes my job exponentially harder (about 1/3 of the 830,000 practicing physicians in the US are in their 40s--and aren't at their most mobile, as these are prime family-rearing ages), but also because it perpetuates the fallacy that physicians are at their intellectual peak in their 40s, that somehow the quality of their care drops off precipitously once they hit 50.  I am not a physician, but I am firmly in my 40s and vehemently protest this notion.

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Physicians: Read this Before Signing a Contract

Posted by Nadene Bradburn on Wed, Jun 25, 2014

It never seemed strange to me to instruct residents on how to successfully negotiate their employment contracts, even tough I though I new that I'd probably be negotiating with a few of them directly in a year or so; some of them we'd probably want to hire permanently after they finished.  

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4 ways to not seem desperate during your job search

Posted by Nadene Bradburn on Sun, Jun 08, 2014

I usually write about the physician job market, but these tips work for anyone who has been accused of coming on too strong.

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7 Things Physicians Need to Know About Finding a Job

Posted by Nadene Bradburn on Mon, May 12, 2014

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Physicians with Criminal Convictions: Can I still practice medicine?

Posted by Nadene Bradburn on Thu, Apr 17, 2014

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Breast Surgeons and Cancer Care in Rural America

Posted by Nadene Bradburn on Wed, Apr 02, 2014

This blog entry is about why it is difficult to find breast surgeons outside metro areas and is not meant to help patients navigate the cancer care system in their community.


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Your Physician Contract: Don't Try to Get it All at Once

Posted by Nadene Bradburn on Thu, Feb 13, 2014

Most physicians with whom I work get anxious about the contracting process.  Particularly with new physicians, there is concern that the contract they sign must be all-inclusive, that it must anticipate everything they will need for their entire tenure with the organization.  

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Why Does Medicaid Coverage Increase ER Visits

Posted by Nadene Bradburn on Tue, Jan 21, 2014

MIT study released last week has everyone pretty excited.  Researchers found that increasing Medicaid rolls in Oregon encouraged the newly-covered individuals to use costly Emergency Room services even more.

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The Medical Play Store: Why the Hype over Health Apps Won't Make us Healthy

Posted by Nadene Bradburn on Mon, Jan 06, 2014

  • Alcohol abuse costs the U.S. health care system $85.8 billion.
  • The tab for cigarette smoking totals over $65 billion annually.
  • Costs related to obesity now surpass $27 billion per year.  
At least 25 cents of every health care dollar is spent on the treatment of diseases or disabilities that result from potentially changeable behaviors.  -The American Medical Association
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